About VLM

VLM Law Firm is a medium-size commercial law firm with skilled lawyers who immerse in providing clients with practical solutions.
We offer a full range of corporate and commercial legal services, including but not limited to, a comprehensive consulting services, M&A, foreign investment, distribution & retail, real estate, dispute resolution, arbitration, domestic & foreign employment, and company restructuring.

Foundation: 2020






Resolution by Court


Alternative Dispute Resolution


VLM's mission is to provide practical and feasible solutions for Customers, as well as help Customers achieve positive results for their business activities at a reasonable and effective cost.


VLM Law Firm is the leading legal partner of midsize market businesses with commitments to integrity, understanding and continuous innovation in the next decade.

Core values

  • VLM strives for customer justice;
  • VLM always devotes itself to the legal rights of customers;
  • VLM Lawyers team has extensive practice experience;
  • VLM brings customers practical & feasible solutions.