With a team of lawyers knowledgeable about the law and experienced in participating in dispute resolution, VLM Law Firm is capable of supporting customers in resolving disputes in many fields. VLM Law Firm’s team of lawyers has extensive experience in participating in resolving Commercial, Civil, and Administrative disputes, using the following methods: Negotiation – Mediation – Arbitration – Court.

Execution sequence of Dispute resolution including:

– Legal advice when disputes arise;

– Warning letters and negotiations;

– Negotiating with disputing parties;

– Representing/protecting customers’ interests before the Court, before Commercial Arbitration and government agencies; and

–  Supporting for judgment enforcement.

Fields of dispute resolution services:

  • Commercial business;
  • Investment Disputes;
  • Labor Disputes;
  • Resolving Contract Dispute;
  • Disputes in civil fields;
  • Resolving disputes in the administrative field;
  • Disputes in marriage and family;
  • Resolve property and child custody disputes;
  • Resolve disputes over land and housing;
  • Resolve inheritance disputes;
  • Disputes within the enterprise;
  • Disputes between company members/shareholders…

Customer support services in dispute resolution can be provided by us through an intermediary between disputing parties; Be an authorized representative or a lawyer to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers at Courts at all levels or at Commercial Arbitration.